Friday, March 23, 2012

10 Steps to homemade TAMALES!

1 lb of Chick breast boiled and shredded
1 lb of mozzarella cheese pulled apart
1/2 lb of green tomatoes
2 cloves of garlic
4 Jalapeños
1 bunch of cilantro
1 pack of corn husks
2 lbs of masa
Step 1: Put the corn husk in water. They need to soak for approximately 2 hours. The longer         they sit in the water the softer they will be for rolling your tamales.
Step 2: Take the leaves off of the green tomatoes and wash them.

Step 3: Set your over to 350 degrees

Step 4: Place the green tomatoes, garlic cloves and Jalapeños on a baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil and salt on top of them. Place them in the over until they are good and roasted.  (This is the same recipe for make green tomato salsa).

Step 5: After your tomatoes, garlic and Jalapeños are good and roasted put them in the blender with the cilantro until it is liquid in texture.
Step 6: Put this salsa in a pot and begin to slowly boil it. You are going to allow this to boil for approximately 1 hour giving it a stir occasionally so that it does not stick to the pot and burn. Once your salsa becomes thicker (Texture will remind you of pancake mix) add the chicken that you pre-cooked and shredded to the pot. The goal is to get the chicken warm.
Step 7: On a cutting board place 2 corn husks together overlapping one another about an inch.
Step 8: Spread masa evenly over the 2 cornhusks. (The thicker you put it on.. the thicker the masa in your tamales will be. I prefer mine not thicker then a quarter inch)
Step 9: Put a scoop of salsa/chicken mixture in the middle of the masa with some cheese. There is no set amount the more you stuff them the bigger they are. Keep in mind you have to roll them in the following step.
Step 10: Roll the tamale. Just like you would a burrito only folded on one end. Put the tamales in the tamale cooker with the open end of the husk up. Make sure to pack them pretty tight so that they cook evenly and do not unfold. Cook for approx. 45mins or until the masa comes off the husk without sticking!
I am sorry that I do not have a finished product to show... I was so excited I served them up and forgot to snap the final picture... OOPS! Anyway, I usually put sour cream and a squirt of lime on top... and YUMMY!

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