Sunday, March 25, 2012

What better way to display your family name then by allowing your family to get involved in the project?
--I created the letters on my Gypsy so that I could cut them reversed so that when I was finished with my appliqué process it wasn't backwards... (My preferred method of appliqué:
--Then I had my daughter, husband and I write our name on a piece of paper. I then enlarged it to the desired size and penciled in on the muslin.
--I then embroider the names to match the border fabric. My border is a 3inch boarder. I added the additional 1inch and half to the boarder so that I was sure I had plenty of room to staple it to the mount behind it.
My husband then took a piece of running board cut to size staped and taaa daa instant frame.
We took a piece of heavy cardboard and cut it out as the mounting piece and LAAAA DAAA!
Easy on the wallet and the Eye Artwork!

Had to insert paper for Dion... I really want her to write her own name so...
We shall wait until she is able to write!

I know super cute right?!?

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