Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sketch Challenge

The Challenge!
I had such a good time making this layout!  I haven't done a 12x12 layout in a very very long time (like... 7years) so talk about a challenge... I attempted another sketch that involved 6 photos and I was so overwhelmed I almost gave in on the challenge but instead I searched the net for something easier... I figured 1 photo was a better place to start... and I would have to say I am very happy with the result! Some additional photos below!

I used texture paste and  Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks to create texture and custom colors on the stars... The paper and embellies are
My Minds Eye "Boy Crazy".  All supplies can be purchased at Scrapbooking with ME! with the exception of the paper... It is pretty old!

I didn't think about doing the different colors of stars being that big that difficult... but I also didn't put into consideration that the ink colors would stain the paper (my first time coloring the paste) and I had to wait until one color dried to apply the second color... 

I knew when I seen the robot he would be used in this layout. I wasn't sure how or where he would fit in however... HE WILL BE ON THE LAYOUT! Well here he is... holding a card that explains this photo to a "T". The photo is of my husband and son.. They had been playing outside all day... and decided to take a moment for a drink and shade... About 2 mins after I snapped this picture they were back out in the dirt being well... BOYS!

Thank you for taking a moment to check out my blog!!!

I shall get back to making projects to share!


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