Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ingredients Challenge!

So, over at the Victoria Marie Facebook page she did a challenge where she posted a set of ingredients and we were to do some sort of layout with those items...

The ingredients are:

1) Three patterned papers
2) One solid paper
3) At least 5 die cuts
4) Mixed media (of your choice)
5) A textured element (i.e. cork, wood veneer, acetate, etc). 

I used a ton of pattern paper so #1 check!!! The background is a solid paper #2 check!! The 5 die cuts are all the tags with words on them #3 check!!! Mixed media modeling paste tinted with Inks pink hearts #4 check!!! AND LASTLY THE CORK HEARTS!!!! 5 CHECK! 

I didn't realize how hard ingredients would be... I figure naaa its just a list... but its a lot harder to go with someone else list then it is to freely select items!

The pictures are from my backyard when some lovely bugs paid us a visit!! Here are some more photos of the layout as well as photos I took in my backyard of the bugs!!

I love nature and watching it happen but I have to admit the bees are the most amazing thing... they carry the honey on the side like saddle bags...

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